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Over the years Annie has held many classes at her home in Malmsbury. With her impending move she is forced to shake things up a bit. Classes will now be held in the old church building at her new property 'Babbington Park' in Lyonville, the quaint little village 10 minutes out of Trentham. Instead of setting dates for classes Annie has decided to put it more in your hands. Classes are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The space caters for a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 guests. The cost is $165 inc.gst. Class starts at 10.30, but you can arrive at 10 for a cup of tea, then runs for approx. 2 1/2 hours. We then have a little break and Annie cooks a light lunch with a glass of wine and we see you off around 3ish, so you don't get caught in hideous traffic on your return to Melbourne. So gather a group together, chose a subject, pick a date and email Annie at to see if she is available on that date.

PLEASE NOTE: Classes will be available from July 2017 and Annie is away all of September.

BASIC YEAST DOUGHS Basic white loaf, grisinni, pizza bases, flatbreads. Biga and ciabatta. Brioche. Croissants.

PASTRY Pâté Brisee, Pâté Sucree, Lard pastry, Puff pastry, Choux pastry

PRESERVING A walk through one of Annie's favorite pastimes. Jams, jellies and chutney/relishes. With a bit of fruit poaching as well. And a discussion of marmalade to prepare you for later in the year. On a savoury note there is the use of salt and fat as preservatives.

GNOCCHI This class has been to most requested by past recipients. We will work through Gnocchi Parisienne, Potato Gnocchi, Semolina Gnocchi, Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi. And discuss and make suitable sauces for each.

BRAISING A tour of duty through some of the musts of Winter cookery. Braising techniques for lamb, beef, chicken. Includes tips and instructions of breaking down poultry and cutting meat joints.

POULTRY An exhaustive view of poultry, breaking down of poultry and boning of poultry. We work across chickens, ducks and quail. Then a selection of recipes for each.

THE ART OF FLAN flan/ noun 1. a baked dish consisting of an open-topped pastry case with a savoury or sweet filling. "an egg and bacon flan" 2. a disc of metal such as one from which a coin is made. A lesson completely devoted to the beautiful thing that is a flan. Apple, frangipane, chocolate, onion and custard all get a little airing.

WHITE DEATH Meringues. White sticky stuff all over the kitchen. Different forms, different techniques and a lot of stickiness. Look forward to something salty for lunch to cut back the sugar.

COOKING WITH CHOCOLATE 'I can't temper chocolate' squeals Annie at the very mention of this subject. But she can show you many other valuable tips. Mousse, soufflé, tart, custard.....

DUCK Roasting, confit, pan fried. Sausage, terrine, liver parfait. One of the nemesis of the home cook butted out.

SMOKING After our hands on class in 2015 of build your own smoker, this class is a little softer. Annie will explain hot and cold smoking than can be done on a small scale, in the home kitchen without any massive outlay in equipment. Fish, pork, poultry and vegetables will all feature in the process'.

CHARCUTERIE Charcuterie has always been a big passion of Annie's. Her skills have been more recently honed by another collaboration with the marvellous Kate Hill from Gascony, France, in early 2016. This class will cover terrine, pate, the salting of meats and some other classic French products.

PIES Sweet and savoury pies will be under the microscope for this class. Annie will demonstrate sweet and savoury pasty and sweet and savoury fillings. A discussion about tins, moulds and equipment. Guaranteed to become a new favourite class!

CASSOULET 2016 saw a second visit of Kate Hill to Annie's world. Kate is an absolute authority on cassoulet, having spent the last 30 years in south west France, teaching, eating and researching French farmhouse style food of the surrounding region, She came and taught a class late January to a lucky few and shared her prodigious knowledge. The result was simple, delicious and completely achievable to the home cook. Annie is delighted to offer her version of a truly special regional French farm house dish. The class will include demonstration of confit, sausage making, salting pork, cooking the beans and assembling the cassoulet. And of course, having it for lunch.

CUSTARDS We just keep repeating this class to keep Annie on her toes. An epic exploration of the world of custard. From creme anglaise, pot au creme, creme caramel to quiche, garlic bread and butter pudding and back to clafoutis. A mass of eggs and dairy and a lot of laughing makes this class one of the highlights of the year.

CHRISTMAS BAKING The baking class is about things that can be done early and things that can be done later. Stalwarts of the Christmas table and things to make as gifts to personalise your Christmas. Fruit cake, mince pies, pan forte, shortbread, almond crescents, the list goes on and on.

CHRISTMAS MENU The Christmas menu class is a four course menu that is achievable, relatively low stress and delicious for the home cook to deliver on Christmas Day. With tips and practical advice to make your day as seamless as possible. And then you get to eat a little Christmas dinner as a warm up for the silly season!!
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